Cycling day 33: The Crask Inn to Melvich

View from Crask InnScenery near TongueI woke up to a bright, clear, and sunny day this morning. This showed the scenery surrounding the Crask Inn to its best, so I stopped frequently taking photographs along my way towards Tongue, on the north coast of Scotland.

The route today was fairly hilly throughout and I had to take some of the climbs gradually to avoid feeling worn out by only halfway up. By playing mental games with myself (like looking at the spot heights on the OS map I have and comparing them with the height shown by the GPS) I took my concentration off of the climbs enough that I’d achieved most of them without really realising.

Armadale BayAt Bettyhill I again met the young couple I’d met yesterday. We chatted again for a bit, then leapfroged each other as we continued eastward. It’ll be their last day of cycling in their journey today, as they’re taking the train back from Thurso. They passed me near my accomodation in Melvich with about 10 or 11 miles to go to Thurso, but I don’t think they realised it. Anyway, I hope you’ve had a great trip!

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