Cycling day 51: near Riccall to Barnetby-le-Wold

Humber BridgeToday’s route quickly started off heading through Selby before heading out beside the river Ouse to the flat countryside. The Ouse eventually joins the Humber and several miles downstream I crossed via the Humber Bridge into Lincolnshire, with my accomodation being a few miles further on.

Fairly early on during my ride today I met another cyclist with a GPS heading in the opposite direction. It turns out that he’s cycling from Brighton to Thurso and has performed much of his planning using Memory-Map, like me. We discussed his route northward and I told him about the OpenStreetMap project, which he hadn’t heard about, and gave him a card about my ride. He said he’ll take a look once he gets back home again.

Unfortunately the Internet access at today’s accomodation isn’t quite working. It connects to the WiFi perfectly fine, it also connects to the ISP, but it’s evident that I can only reach a few hops into the ISP’s network before everything vanishes — I can’t reach the wider Internet. It’s particularly annoying because I’ve got a rest day here and I’m hoping to catch up on the backlog of mapping data entry, emails, etc.


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