Cycling day 3: Seaford to East Ashling

Today’s cycling was mainly on the flat and following the coast. At the end of the day however I headed inland and through Chichester to the nearby village of East Ashling.

Brighton cycle parkingWhilst passing through Brighton I noticed that there has been an additional cycle lane marked along Madeira Drive, together with the addition some new cycle parking. I particularly liked the cycle parking (pictured), spaced at one car intervals. Cycling levels were pretty high in Brighton, so it looks like the injection of funding that the city received recently is having an impact.

I’ve also mapped several advanced stop lines, something which I’ve been planning to document on OpenStreetMap, but haven’t yet got round to. I’m using relations of type=advanced_stop_line, with one node for the junction at which the ASL occurs and a way for each of the approaching roads that has an ASL. I think it’d be great to see these rendered on the cycle map.

I’ll start to upload my GPS traces soon, such that those of you in OpenStreetMap can see exactly where I’ve been so far. Unfortunately the Internet access here is a little unreliable though, otherwise they’d be uploaded tonight.

My mileage for the next couple of days is a bit higher – around the 70 mile mark – so I should be getting lots of data, but may not have quite so much time to deal with the backlog of entering it all immediately. Most of today’s cycling was on routes that I’ve already covered in the past, but a few bits were brand new to me. Almost all of the route from now on will be brand new to me. So I’ll need to pay more attention to the navigating in order to keep to my planned route.


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