Cycling day 30: Newtonmore to Westhill, Inverness

NCR7There were a number of choices of route whilst following NCR7 today; the route splits into several braids. I took the braids that were mainly traffic-free, but this did mean that the distance was slightly longer, there was a little more climbing, and the loose surface slowed me down a bit. I preferred the scenery this way though.

NCR7Whilst cycling through several of the forested parts of today’s route I noticed that many of the trees had what looks like a silver-green fungal growth on them. The portions of the trees with the growth appeared to be dying, so it looks like it’s predatory rather than symbiotic in nature.

One of the things I hadn’t planned for on this trip was the wear to my shoes. The soles of my shoes are wearing quite thin in places now and I’m sure that it’s only a matter of days before a hole forms. So, I’ll be looking out for a place to purchase some new shoes.

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