Cycling day 2: Hastings to Seaford

Spin City Cycles was unfortunately closedLast night I did a quick Internet search for bike shops in Hastings and found that there’s one located pretty close to where I’m staying. So I paid them a visit this morning with the intention of getting my broken spoke replaced. Unfortunately, like everything in Hastings, I had to climb a hill to get there, but then to replace the spoke (and map the shop!) it would be worth it.

It wasn’t quite that easy though. It turns out that the shop is closed on both Sundays and Mondays, so I couldn’t have even gone yesterday had I known about the shop in time. I made a call to my dad, who first found a BMX shop, unfortunately not suitable for my bike, and then a shop in the next town I was due to visit, Bexhill. Luckily finding them was also easy, and it means yet another bike shop’s been mapped. My replacement spoke is now in place and I was back on the road (and cycle path) again.

Today’s cycling was originally intended to be both today’s and tomorrow’s mileage combined, but I decided to split the day at the last moment. I’m glad that I did now, because it gave me ample time to get the bike issue resolved and still arrive at Seaford 90 minutes earlier than planned. Of course in hindsight I should have taken a quick detour as well and finally got the last section of NCR21 mapped. Oh well, another time…

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  1. I’ve got rest days approximately one a week and not every day and some days are shorter, but the problem with unforeseen events is that you don’t know when they’re going to happen!

  2. Hmm, this has motivated me to go and finish that last little bit of the South Coast Cycle Route in Chichester where (I’m assuming) it joins up with the NCR 2 (this is assuming you’re following that route – any word on detailed maps of your intended route or is it a bit late now that you’re on the road?)

  3. The SCCR and NCR2 overlap for quite a bit. The first SCCR sign I saw was at the bridge over the Adur. I’ve taken quite a few photos of the SCCR, but haven’t yet mapped up to this point in my journey yet. I followed much of the SCCR in the area, but dived off of it when it became inconvenient for my plans.

    As for finer details of my planned route I’d love to be able to share them, but I prepared it all by tracing over OS data using Memory-Map. So sharing that would effectively be sharing the copyright data. Especially as OSM don’t yet have coverage for my entire journey.

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