Cycling day 21: Pickmere to Bilsborrow

I started today by following the Cheshire Cycleway (Regional Cycle Route 70) and ended it by following the Lancashire Cycleway (Regional Cycle Route 90). Both were pleasant and relatively quiet routes. However in between I followed mainly on-road routes through urban areas such as Wigan and Preston. As such there was quite a bit of traffic. The day had many showers, but I got soaked by a downpour right at the end, whilst trying to find tonight’s accomodation.

2 Comments on “Cycling day 21: Pickmere to Bilsborrow

  1. I’m still monitoring your progress and am still trying to work out the best time and location to meet. Looks like it’s been an eventful trip so far. Keep going…

  2. Well, bear in mind that you’ll either have to cycle back to the start point on your own, or take the train back from the destination. So, assuming the latter, one of the legs near a railway line would be good. You should have received a copy of my detailed plans in the post (if not ask my parents for a look), so this should be able to help you decide.

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