Cycling day 9: St. Breward to Newquay

Camel TrailApproximately half of today’s distance was planned to follow the Camel Trail, a fantastic traffic-free route following the river Camel where a railway used to run. However I made such good progress along this route that it was only mid-morning by the time I’d completed it, so I added another approximately 11 mile loop into my journey to take in an alternative braid of NCR32 as well as the one I planned to take.

I also heard the great news this evening that back home the riverside cycle route between Canterbury and Chartham, which will form part of NCR18 and for which campaigning has been going on for over 20 years, has finally been given the go-ahead at tonight’s Development Control Committee meeting.

I’ve managed to catch up with some of the data entry this evening, because I’ve got a WiFi connection at tonight’s guest house again. Just as I started to write this blog posting though some drama has kicked off outside. A girl has just smashed in the front windows of a building opposite. A silly thing to do, particularly as the police station is on the opposite corner of the junction. Two police officers have just jogged out and arrested her.


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