Cycling day 7: Silverton to Brandis Corner

According to my plans there was approximately 50% more climbing to do today compared with yesterday, and in slightly fewer miles. That said there weren’t any sections of continuous lengthy climbs like yesterday, so I managed quite well.

I had lunch at a pub in the village of Bow, a little ahead of the halfway point in today’s leg. Whilst waiting for my food I quickly befriended a cat, who enjoyed several minutes of strokes. I thought, of course, of my own cat Charley taking her ten-week holiday at a cattery near to home.

The village of SheepwashBy the time I reached the village of Sheepwash, a few miles from tonight’s accomodation, I was running ahead of schedule with quite a bit of spare time. So I decided to visit their “Strawberry Tea” event going on in the village. This turned out to be strawberries and tea, rather than strawberry flavoured tea. I don’t like tea, so opted for some squash instead. I got chatting to some people there and they were all very interested to hear about this Three Corners Cycle Ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation. I left with a further £50 of generous sponsorship. I also took the opportunity to plug the OpenStreetMap project and showed how I had OSM data on my GPS.

Unfortunately tonight’s B&B again doesn’t appear to have Internet access again, so the blog and mapping backlog is building up even more.


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