Cycling day 6: Chilthorne Dorner to Silverton

Today’s cycling essentially involved climbing lots of small hills, one large hill, staying on a plateau for many miles, descenting back down a large hill, followed by several small hills again to reach my destination. The climb up the large hill took quite a bit of time, but I made very good progress on the plateau, and of course the downhill sections.

The route today took me along several as-yet unmapped roads, so I’ll be adding them to the OSM data once I manage to catch up with the backlog. Unfortunately I’m again without Internet connectivity, so the backlog is building up now.

Most junctions in Devon appear to be namedInterestingly most of the T-junctions and crossroads in Devon seem to have junction names written on the post. I’ll be adding all of these to the OpenStreetMap data of course, but as far as I’m aware it’s not rendered yet.

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