Cycling day 49: Haswell Plough to Osmotherley

Unexpected diveAs you’ll have gathered from the number of times I’ve mentioned it, I’ve got GPS on my bike. It can tell me my current location in a number of co-ordinate systems and also display a map (I’ve got freely-downloadable OpenStreetMap loaded onto it). My GPS attempts to display my current altitude, and to help it achieve that it has a built-in barometer (the GPS signal alone isn’t that good for vertical precision). Usually it’s within a few metres accuracy, which is fine for me judging roughly how far through a climb I am. However today I found that it was either temporarily highly inaccurate, that we have an inland area in the British Isles that’s substantially below sea level, or that I’d unexpectedly grown some gills. I suspect the former. Apparently I managed to dive to 61 metres below sea level.

Transporter bridgeYorkshire MoorsToday’s route took me along pretty lengthy sections of former railway and into Stockton-on-Tees. There I followed a large number of cycle paths to the Tees Barage, and then following the Tees to the Transporter Bridge. At this point I started to follow National Cycle Route 65 southward. This is the first of two major diversions from NCR1 that I’ll be taking. I followed NCR65 for the rest of the day, leaving the urban area through Middlebrough, then through the countryside and eventually climbed into the North York Moors National Park.

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