Cycling day 54: Wisbech to Fakenham

After starting out on the flat I got some hills back today and was glad for it. It adds more variety to the ride and cuts down the wind. It was a bright sunny day and pretty enjoyable.

On the way into King’s Lynn NCR1 meets NCR11 for a short while. It also meets RCR30 for a brief moment. I cycled very short stretches of these other routes to make sure that they’re marked on the map, but I’m pretty confident that we’ve already got the portion of NCR11 that I saw. I also met RCR30 late in the day, again briefly, so marked that as well.

Sandringham gatesHolkham Park obeliskThe route today involved two large estates. Country estates that is. First of all there was Sandringham. The cycle route skirts the edge and you get to see some fancy gates in the process. Then, many miles further on, there’s the option of passing straight through the middle of Holkham Park by choosing the Wells Loop braid of NCR1. As it happens I decided to cycle both braids for completeness though. The cycle route in Holkham Park passes straight past both a large obelisk and Holkham House.
Holkham House
Birthplace of NelsonC156Today’s route also passed through Burham Thorpe, the birthplace of Nelson. Not surprisingly the local pub is named after him and the village sign proudly states the village’s heritage. Slightly earlier, on the way out of Burham Market, I had the fortune to spot a sign that gives the C-number of the road I was travelling on (C156). As those in OpenStreetMap know from experience first-hand evidence of C-road references is rare — this is only the third one I’ve seen, the other two being in Surrey.

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