Cycling day 37: Tain to Balnakyle

Cromarty ferryThe trip today was intentionally quite short. It included a short ferry crossing from Nigg to Cromarty, enabling me to map an alternative braid of National Cycle Route 1. The route was kept short in case the ferry disrupted my plans — not running due to poor weather, etc. As it turns out the weather was fine and the service quick.

Whilst waiting for the ferry I met two other cyclists. They’d just started a 12-day John O’Groats to Land’s End trip and they’re camping. I warned them that the hills in the west country are the nasty ones, rather than those in Scotland.

I had a little rain during the trip today, but not as heavy as was forecast. It turned out quite warm a bit later on.

My accomodation today has WiFi Internet access. Hooray! So, I’m starting to very slowly catch up. I’ve just received over 600 emails, so this might take some time…

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