Cycling day 52: Barnetby-le-Wold to Woodhall Spa

I had a friend come along and cycle most of the leg with me today. We started out on a quiet road and soon the route used a few rough bridleways before weaving to the road again. The route passes through many small villages going up and downhill in the process, but after Walesby it proceeds downhill to the flat. In one of the small villages we discovered a section of NCR12, so I cycled a short section of this to make sue it’s marked on the map.

Model cowsAt Market Rasen we stopped off for a pub lunch, then weaved our way through a few more villages to Lincoln, where my friend departed by train. I then continued eastward, still following National Cycle Route 1, using a former railway route between the river Witham and an irrigation ditch. With the exception of a short road and short bridleway section this continued all of the way to Woodhall Spa. Along this route are a number of artworks of plants and animals together with lots of interpretation boards about the fen landscape and its wildlife.

Unfortunately I continue to be without Internet access, so the blog postings are piling up, as will no doubt my emails. I’ve ran out of downloaded mapping data with which to edit, so can’t enter any more of that as well. Hopefully I’ll get Internet access soon; this is frustrating.

2 Comments on “Cycling day 52: Barnetby-le-Wold to Woodhall Spa

  1. I enjoyed the trip although it was a bit longer than I thought!! Hope I didn’t slow you down too much!. I have now recovered – good luck with the remainder of the cycle.

  2. I arrived a little later than planned at the B&B, but part of that was down to managing to cycle straight past the road without realising it. I’m glad you’ve recovered, especially as you were on earlies the next day. The rest should be pretty easy now, especially as I know the best part of the Lee Valley to home from memory.

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