Cycling day 56: East Harling to Colchester

My planned route today was to follow a small amount of Regional Cycle Route 30, but then branch off to find some more portions of National Cycle Route 13 (A route still under much development). However, I’ve made good progress over the last few days and know that we still need to map large portions of RCR30, so I took a more lengthy detour to Diss to follow the route a bit further before retracing my steps back to my planned route. During the detour I met another cyclist en-route to Diss and we got chatting for the journey, and then the return route, where I was invited back for a welcome drink.

South Suffolk Route A1I picked up a couple of sections of NCR13 that we haven’t got mapped so far, and some of this wasn’t where I thought it may be, but I followed it anyway. I also stumbled upon a portion of the National Byway, South Suffolk Route A1 and South Suffolk Route A. So, a fruitful day in finding unmapped cycle routes. There are still plenty of bits of these routes still to be covered though. In all I cycled 22 miles more than my original plan, so I’m already well in excess of the total mileage I’d planned for the whole trip.

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