Cycling day 27: Aberfoyle to Strathyre

Heavy rain started the day, so I donned my waterproof jacket and trousers. I soon took off my waterproof trousers though because I was getting too warm climbing whilst wearing them.

Queen Elizabeth Forest ParkThe inital part of my journey took me through Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. Despite the rain I stopped many times to photograph the trees, streams, waterfalls, and views. I continued to take more photographs when I reached the lochs and the weather slowly brightened.

At Callander I went in search of National Cycle Route 76 as it’s marked on my OS map. I found a cycle route in the right place, but it’s not signed with the route number anywhere along the section that I covered, so I’ll enter it as just a normal cycleway when it comes to entering that data.

Loch LubnaigIn the early afternoon I was a little frustrated with my camera again. It had become a bit wet again and was misting up, so I wasn’t able to get clear shots for a little while. It eventually cleared though and I got some great pictures passing Loch Lubnaig on my approach to Strathyre.

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