Cycling day 59: Greenwich to Canterbury

Today is the final day of my journey. It seems strange for it to be coming to an end.

Many of my friends from Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign met me outside the Greenwich Foot Tunnel this morning and we cycled back to Canterbury together.

The journey’s pace was a bit slower than usual to accomodate group cycling. We ended up in Canterbury in the early evening after a thoroughly pleasant day cycling.

In total I covered 3458.12 miles in my trip, over 500 miles more than I’d originally planned. Now on to planning my next big trip…

1 Comment on “Cycling day 59: Greenwich to Canterbury

  1. What an incredible adventure! I love the idea for the website which is really inspiring and interesting to read.

    I think it’s quite an achievement what you’ve done, and all for charity, you should be very proud of yourself for completing it, it’s no easy task to cycle 3,000 miles!

    I assume you used a regular bicycle? I’m an electric bike (pedelec) owner would be great to do this journey on an e-bike for those of us not as fit as yourself 🙂

    Along with some fellow e-bike owners, I founded CycleCharge which aims to provide public charging points with the cooperation of local businesses up and down the country, particularly in rural parts of the country. It’s our hope that in time, journey’s such as yours (and even greater distances) will be possible using e-bikes. It’s also our aim to help support independent local businesses such as guest houses and pubs etc that often struggle against the larger nationals.


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