Cycling day 45: Musselburgh to Innerleithen

En route to InnerleithenThe planned trip today was relatively short because it included a reasonable amount of climbing. As it turns out the climbing was over the course of several miles, so a relatively shallow gradient. The first portion was OK, but as I progressed a strong headwind hampered my progress. Luckily the road was very quiet and scenic, so I stopped several times to take photos and for short rests at fighting against the wind.

Despite the wind I still arrived at Innerleithen reasonably early. I took a distraction of investigating some of the side roads in order to map them, before going to my accomodation. After a rest I set out again without my panniers for an early evening cycle westwards following some markers for a number of signed cycle routes near to the river Tweed. I got as far as Peebles before I turned back towards Innerleithen again. Even then I couldn’t resist mapping a few brand new residential roads in Peebles on the way out. In the end I added approximately 20 miles of cycling to my total through my evening excursion.

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