Cycling day 5: Bransgore to Chilthorne Dorner

NCR2 along the coast at ChristchurchI made may way south to Christchurch to rejoin NCR2, following the coast for several miles. Unfortunately there was a reasonable headwind, so I wasn’t able the cycle that fast despite it being flat. I then picked up NCR25 and followed this pretty much to Blandford Forum, then followed some main roads to Shillingstone to find another segment of NCR25 on a portion of a former railway trackbed. The route takes you onto the platform of the station at the village where some rails begin and there is what appears to be a formative preserved railway group.

Mills type milepost on NCR25Recently Sustrans sent out a message to their volunteer rangers (of which I’m one) requesting that every milepost on the network receives a safety check. This is because somebody recently leant against a milepost and it fell over. So, since I’m passing lots of mileposts during my trip anyway I’ve been checking each one as I pass it. I’ve also been logging them to ensure that they’re all on OpenCycleMap.

Unfortunately the Internet access is down at the B&B that I’m staying at tonight. So I’ll upload this blog entry at the next opportunity.

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