My bike’s in tip-top condition

Now that my ride is fast approaching I took my bike into my local cycle shop for a full service. Quite a few bits were replaced, as I was expecting, including a new chainset. It’s now running much smoother and I took it out for a while today. I’d only intended to go out for a short ride (to go and map some new cycle parking I’d spotted in Canterbury), but with the weather being so good this soon turned into a quick spin over to Whitstable and back via the Crab & Winkle Way. Upon getting back to Canterbury I bumped into several Spokes members leading a group of French schoolchildren on a bike ride. I decided to join them and help out, so then cycled over to Whitstable and back for a second time. It was great fun and I got to practice the little French that I can still remember from school.

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